Apple Tells App Developers They Can't Harvest Information

Apple has told health app developers they can't gather and sell user information, according to reports.

The developers will see their apps used on the HealthKit platform, but can't sell user data to advertisers, the Guardian (U.K.) reported. Health data is often considered private and protected by privacy laws, so Apple's move to keep developers from selling that information to advertisers is likely a little self-serving. Who would trust Apple's HealthKit platform if all their health data was being sold to pharmaceutical companies?

The developers "must not sell an end-user's health information collected through the HealthKit APIs to advertising platforms, data brokers or information resellers," according to Apple's rules. Developers are allowed to share data for "medical research purposes" but only with user consent. 

Apple is expected to launch its new wearable computers at its Sept. 9 event, so this may be why the rules have been tightened.
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