Apple Testing Motion Detection on iPhone, iPad

Apple seems to be testing out motion detection features that lets users control their iPhones and iPads by moving their heads.
The head-movement feature was discovered in the developer version of Apple's iOS 7, its latest operating system for wireless devices, not the publicly available version, according to CNN. The ability can be found in the accessibility menu and can override touchscreen controls. 
A front-facing iPhone or iPad camera will detect head movements, and the device will run through every option until the user chooses one by moving his or her head "to one side," the report said. Moving one's head to the left or right can mean different things, such as going to the main screen or using Siri. (9to5Mac has a video of the head movements that you can see.)
While this may not be a choice for most people, it's obviously a way for people with a disability or limited movement can use an iPhone or iPad.
However, motion detection is becoming a hot new feature for wireless devices, including using facial expressions for locking and unlocking phones, so most everyone wants a smartphone that recognizes its owner and can intuit what its master wants.
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