Apple to Make $99 iPhone in 6 Colors

A report says that Apple is readying a $99 iPhone in six colors, as well as a "phablet" or iPhones with 4.7- or 5.7-inch screens

Apple is considering creating iPhones with 4.7-inch and 5.7-inch screens as well as creating cheaper models in a range of colors likely to appeal to the global market.

Apparently the decision was prompted by competition from Samsung and its popular Galaxy smartphones, according to Reuters, Apple has sought suppliers in Asia to build the new devices, but it's unknown if it will still have the iPhone name attached to it. It seems odd that it wouldn't, given that Apple has already created the iPad Mini. 

Although Apple declined to comment, the report was based on unnamed sources familiar with the issue, Reuters reported. Analysts say that Apple is now under pressure to deliver more than one new device, especially a handset, per year to goose stock prices.
Some say that delivery has slowed since the death of founder Steve Jobs.
As we reported earlier, Apple is also still mulling over the cheaper version of the iPhone in a plastic casing that comes in five or six colors. The $99 price tag would mean a new market for Apple, including more sales in emerging markets. Sources said that test production for both rumored models starts next month, and that Apple has a September launch. Hon Hia Precision Industry will make he higher-end iPhone, while Pegatron will assemble the cheaper versions.
While Apple denies the cheap iPhone rumor, other circles have dubbed the plastic phones the "ready for China" iPhone. The cheaper price makes the phone accessible to those in emerging markets, much like the competitively priced Android handsets. It only makes sense that Apple might also make different sizes of iPhones, especially when demand for larger screens seems to be rising.
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