Apple to Use Fingerprint Scanning on New IPhone, IWatch

Apple will feature a new fingerprint scanner to enhance security on its new iPhone and iWatch devices, according to a report.

The fingerprint reader will likely be used ensure security, including enabling credit card payments, according to AppleInsider. The report came from a single source, analyst Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets, who came back from a tour of Apple suppliers in China and Taiwan.

We previously wrote that Apple is working on another iPhone launch later this summer, and White is calling it the "iPhone 5S". The main selling point will be the fingerprint reader, like Siri as with the iPhone 4S. The technology could also easily be placed into the iWatch wrist accessory.

Apple did buy AuthenTec, a company that creates high-tech fingerprint authentication products, last year for $356 million. This led to many rumors that Apple would be using the technology in its devices.

The AuthenTec technology uses a sensor to picks up the "live layer" of skin so it can read fingerprints even when calloused, dry or oily, and ensuring accuracy. It also allows users to assign different fingers to do different functions, so someone could launch Gmail by swiping her index finger,  launch Yahoo with her thumb, or speed dial their spouse with a swipe of a ring finger.

That technology could definitely be the equal to Siri and may be enough for an iPhone 5S launch.

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