Apple TV Refresh Coming Sept. 18

Apple will be creating a software revamp for Apple TV on Sept. 18, according to reports.

If the date seems familiar it's because it's the same day that Apple will be releasing its iOS 7 mobile operation software, according to AllThingsD. The big feature is that Apple's AirPlay system will now allow users who bought items from the iTunes store to play them on other people's TVs directly from the cloud.This new development is likely because it's similar to how Google's Chromecast, an Apple rival, works.

So, why didn't anyone mention this new development at Tuesday's event? We think it's because Apple TV is still the afterthought in Apple's plans. Part of its magic is cutting-edge technology and devices, but a television -- well, that's something from a different era. However, for most people who are streaming programs, they're likely not even watching the program on a TV screen but on a tablet computer or phone.

Apple will have to keep innovating in multimedia or risk being left behind as other tech companies begin to take the lead.

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