Apple Users Tire of Siri

Whether it's because they are misunderstood, Siri is busy or they dislike "her" sassiness, many iPhone users aren't using Apple's virtual assistant.

"Siri typically misunderstands what I've asked, so the response isn't close to what I'm seeking. Once, it took me five tries to get a correct response," Norm Glismann of Dayton, Ohio told USA Today. 

Others made similar comments, including routinely getting Siri saying, "I'm really sorry about this, but I can't take any requests right now." Others lamented the fact that Siri couldn't understand their accents very well and constantly gave them wrong answers.

But one woman disliked Siri's flippant remarks. Ginny Geer of Memphis said, "I had a sassy teenager, I don't need a sassy phone."

When Siri debuted last year, the novelty of the application was huge and users asked Siri crazy questions -- and the virtual assistant sometimes gave crazy answers. But the reality is that if the app, which is still in beta, doesn't make your life easier, then you probably won't use it. (And Google, you should take notice of this, especially when trying to patent a Siri-like assistant for Google TV.)

So, Apple, you still have a lot of work to do on Siri.

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