Apple Vs. Samsung: Apple Rests, Samsung Begins

After a judge refused to throw the Apple patent-infringement case out of court, Samsung told the court that Apple has been infringing on its patents for years.

Samsung's lawyers called witness Woodward Yang, a professor of electrical engineering at Harvard University, who testified that Apple products have been infringing on Samsung patents, according to Bloomberg Businessweek. One patent allows a user to send photographs with email and another for scrolling through photos. Another Samsung patent allows users to play MP3 music files.

Samsung asked for Apple's patent-infringement case to be thrown out of court Monday after Apple's legal team rested its case, but Judge Lucy Koh refused. Apple also decided to up the damages it's seeking from Samsung from $2.5 billion to $2.88 billion, according to TUAW. 

Not all things went Apple's way. Three Samsung phones Apple said were infringing on its patents, the Galaxy Ace, Galaxy S i9000 and Galaxy S II i9000, were deemed irrelevant to the trial because they were not sold in the United States. 

Samsung also called witness Clifton Forlines, a software developer who created software eight years ago for the “DiamondTouch,” a table-top touchscreen computer. Samsung brought up Forlines and the subsequent DiamondTouch to show that Apple didn't invent the technology behind its patents, according to MarketWatch.  

Samsung's case is barely under way, but we think there will be more experts to poke holes in Apple's argument. The case is expected to go to jury on Aug. 21.

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