Apple Wants Samsung to Cough Up $85.3M

Apple said its legal team found an error in its reduced settlement from Samsung and wants $85.3 million reinstated

When Apple's Samsung patent-infringement settlement was reduced by $450 million, it seemed as if the case was closed -- but now Apple wants $85.3 million of that settlement back.

Apple said it found a $85.3 million error in the ruling and deserves more than it was awarded in U.S. District Court, according to Bloomberg News. Apple has now petitioned to ask U.S. District Court Judge Lucy Koh to consider her verdict and reinstate the money for patent violations regarding the Samsung Galaxy S II and Infuse 4G.

The bad blood between Apple and Samsung is far from over. It was only a few weeks ago that Apple took to badmouthing Samsung's launch of its newest smartphone, the Galaxy S4. And last month, Apple tried to ban sales of Samsung's Galaxy Nexus smartphone. Apple still has pending litigation against Samsung for patent infringement.

It's obvious to us that Apple will not let this vendetta against Samsung go. We think Apple has spent so much time and energy in this lawsuit that it feels it now can't give up.

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