Apple Will Use Samsung for A8 Chip

Despite suing Samsung for patent infringement, Apple just can't quit the South Korean company. Samsung is contracted to product Apple's new A8 processor, according to reports.

There were rumors of others companies getting the contract, but now reports say that a Samsung official has said that the company will be working on the new processor for Apple new iPhones and iPads, according to AppleInsider. Shipments of the new A8 microchip are expected to start this fall.

The Taiwan-based TSMC was expected to take on the Apple contract, according to AppleInsider, but the news of Samsung getting the contract makes sense. Despite the antagonistic relationship in court, there appears some grudging respect for one another's attention to detail and design -- why else would Apple use Samsung for so many years if it didn't give the Cupertino, Calif. company exactly what it wanted?

The truth is that it probably did and at a decent price. So, despite suing the company for patent infringement and trying to block Samsung from selling its products, Apple is still willing to have a working relationship.  If only they could work this well together in the courtroom.

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