Apple Wins on Black Friday

Online tracking service comScore has released its sales figures for Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) and Americans kicked off holiday shopping with a bang -- up 26 percent from last year.

The Dow Industrial Average is also responding positively, implying that brick-and-mortar sales are also solid. comScore said $816 million was spent online in the U.S. last Friday. On Thanksgiving day, itself, the web sold $479 million of goods to users -- that's an 18-percent increase over last year.

Apple fared particularly (and expectedly) with three of its products listed in the top 10 "most-mentioned brands" compiled by PriceGrabber. The iPod, Macbook Pro and iPad 2 are still gotta-have items for many consumers.

The most popular category of product visited was plasma and LCD televisions. If Apple sees that news, then maybe those Apple TV rumors will play out soon with a new gotta-have device?

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