Apple's MacBook Air Will Rule 2012: Analyst

Other companies are trying to do their best impersonation but Apple is still expected to dominate the ultrabook market next year.

Jonathan Ive's MacBook Air is expected to again be the dominate ultra0thin notebook in 2012, according JP Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz.

Moskowitz said in a letter to investors that despite a slew of competitor's ultra thin computers expected to hit the market next year, that Apple's MacBook Air will continue to dominate the arena, according to The Los Angeles Times.

"We highlighted the MacBook Air as potentially becoming a $2-[billion to] $3-billion-plus revenue opportunity," he said in a previous letter to investors. "Our latest view is that this ultra-thin notebook PC appears on track to becoming a $7-billion-plus revenue driver at Apple.

"In our view, Apple's first mover advantage and optimized feature set and form factor command a higher price that early adopters, productivity users, and Apple enthusiasts are willing to absorb," he said. "In contrast, we think that the first round of ultrabook offerings lacks the right blend of features and attractive price points to grab market share from Apple."

He said for rivals to compete, they would have to undercut Apple's high price for the MacBook Air, which runs between $999 to $1,599.

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