Apple Pulls MacBook Prototype from eBay

A 3G MacBook prototype being sold on eBay garnered bids of $70,000 before Apple intervened to say it wanted it back.

Carl Frega, who placed the MacBook on eBay, had bought it on Craigslist for parts when he realized the model was unusual, according to CNET. After reselling it to another person on Craigslist, the second buyer took it to an Apple store where an Apple Genius said the machine had third-party components and refused to service the MacBook, MacRumors reported. After a legal tussle in small claims court Frega refunded the money and had a friend list the item on eBay.

From CNET:

The machine matches up with a 2007 MacBook Pro, though differs with an unusual, magnetically-attached antenna on the top lid, along with a slot for a SIM card right where users would normally change out the battery. That design and functionality never made it into a device Apple has shipped, but matches up with a 2008 Apple patent application for a notebook computer that would be able to tap into 3G wireless networks, giving users connectivity on the go.

There's no word on whether Apple said it would reimburse Frega for the MacBook -- but we don't think they paid Gizmodo for its iPhone prototype either.

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