Argyle-Up, ‘Step Brothers’ Fans, for the Catalina Wine Mixer

Shop for your sweater vests now, then plan your September island visit.

Catalina Island Chamber of Commerce

ALL THOSE WINTRY ARTICLES OF CLOTHING... currently popping up on the sale racks? The ones that say "spring is here, summer is near"? We often pass those up as we look for swimsuits and tankinis and sundresses and other clothing items that are more suitable to the season. And yet, should you see a sweater vest at a discount in the coming weeks, especially the kind of sweater vest that rocks the argyle diamonds, especially the kind of argyle that's now famously associated with a pair of bickering adult men who happen to be the children of two people who fell in love and melded their families together... don't pass it up. Buy it now, buy it quickly, and try it on, all to model it peacockishly in your bathroom mirror, for one of the hottest events is now less than six months away, and the dates are set in stone, or, um, sand, rather. It's the Catalina Wine Mixer, a not-real event born first in the cult-favorite, quote-rich movie "Step Brothers," but now a very real event that takes place at the very real Descanso Beach Club on very real Catalina Island every September (a real month).

THE 2018 DATES... are Sept. 21 through 23, and while this isn't an event about the movie nor its stars exactly, it is very much about the spirit of good tunes, some Yacht Rock-style clothing of the sweetest variety, some sips, and some sunshine. Oh, yes, and helicopters, which, of course, will be around, in homage to the 2008 film's famous scene. "Wineries from up and down the West Coast" will be there, you bet, and you can count on the "Step Brothers" screening at the Catalina Casino Theatre, too. The event is just a few years along now, but its stature and pop-culture-y cred grow each fall. Want to be there? Book your room around Avalon soon, and read up on the full 2018 schedule, and what's afoot, now. You'll want to know where to wear your sweater vest or captain's hat, surely? Take the shape of a unicorn, now, and read all.

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