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Could Artificial Intelligence Steal Your Job?

Sentient Technologies, which has garnered $144 million in funding, may have the largest investment in artificial intelligence -- and it's creating software to take over your job in health care, law, insurance and more.

"AI to us is augmenting human intelligence and being able to do something humans can't do," Antoine Blondeau, chief executive of Sentient Technologies told Press:Here. "AI is making us make decisions better and faster."

Artificial intelligence analyzes data and becomes "actionable" intelligence, which helps make doctors make decisions on infection, Blondeau said. Sentient's software predicted within about 30 minutes if a patient was "likely to succumb" to sepsis, according to the Wall Street Journal. 

Other industries also use artificial intelligence, such as the law, insurance, investments and trading, and traffic planning, Blondeau said.

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