Attack on American University in Kabul Leaves 13 Dead

No group has yet claimed responsibility for the assault


At least 13 people were killed after militants armed with a car bomb, grenades and automatic weapons attacked the American University of Afghanistan on Wednesday, police said Thursday. 

Most of staff and students fled but around 160 were forced to hole up in classrooms during Wednesday's brazen assault on Afghanistan's most prestigious college, according to the country's Interior Ministry. They were later rescued by special police units.

Six students, one professor, three police and two security officers were in the 10-hour assault at the university, according to the Interior Ministry.

The professor, Naquib Ahmad, was a Stanford Law School graduate, according to a doctor and a spokesman at Human Right Watch.

A caretaker at a nearby school for the blind also died in the attack. Around 35 students and police were wounded.

One attacker died in the initial car bomb blast and two gunmen were killed by police, according to police. No group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack. 

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