Facebook: James Holmes Fan Pages

Tribute pages to suspected Aurora, Colo. shooter James Holmes have been showing up on Facebook in the wake of the incident that killed 12 people and wounded more than 50 others Friday.

Dozens of Facebook pages have sprung up featuring the alleged gunman, some are negative, but surprisingly some would be termed fan pages, according to Westword. With posts such as "They wanted the full movie. But all they got was clips" and “Shut that baby up. Or I will,” the fan page has garnered some heated responses.

You honestly must have something missing from your life if you need the attention you're getting from the creation of this page.

Get your fake profile the hell out of here! You make me sick. 

There is obviously someone very sick that has set up this page of a "public figure".

The internet is teeming with people looking for attention and this fan page has gotten it, including media attention and more than 500 "likes" on Facebook. People need to realize that there are others out there who have the maturity level of an annoying 12-year-old boy and will create websites and Facebook fan pages to broadcast that to the world. We can only control our reaction to it.

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