Australian Startup Appster Expanding San Francisco Offices

A new Australian startup is looking to hire for its San Francisco offices and expand its app marketing and development services. So if you have a good idea and about $150,000 to spare, your app may just be the next Box, WhatsApp or Instagram.

Appster was reportedly started with $3,000 in Australia and was able to accumulate more than $10 million in revenue without any investment -- something akin to a fairy tale in Silicon Valley. "Why did you not take any outside funding?" Scott McGrew asked of the startup's founder and co-chief executive Josiah Humphrey on Press: Here.

"You have to look at the landscape," he said. "There wasn't really the notion of VC in Australia."

Humphrey and his partner Mark McDonald spent the last three years building Appster from the ground up, and apparently learning things along the way.

"I think in a lot of ways were were glad (VC) wasn't available," Humphrey said. "It was more about survival and that was a benefit for us."

Despite the hard-luck story, Humphrey's startup, Appster, basically is all about helping improve app ideas, marketing them and getting them funded. In short, Appster is supposed to act as a company's chief technology officer, and it commands a similar salary.

"So $150K and a good idea could get me an app that could put me on the radar?" McGrew asked.

"Sometimes it's a lot cheaper than that, but that's the ballpark," Humphrey said.

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