Bandanas, Bras, Bungee Cords Among DIY Mask Materials Used During Coronavirus

“No need to rush out and try to find or order masks!”

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Homemade face masks can help stop the spread of coronavirus, according to the recent advisement from U.S. Surgeon General Jerome James. With more than 12,000 deaths reported nationwide, officials are working to flatten the curve to stop the spread of COVID-19 and experts believe face masks may help.

Although do-it-yourself masks aren’t used by medical professionals, as N95 medical masks are needed to care for patients in clinical settings, DIY masks can provide protection from the virus spreading amongst the community.

On April 3, the Center for Disease Control tweeted “wearing a cloth face covering may help protect the most vulnerable from #COVID19."

People are creating the masks with various materials, such as cloth, bras, bandanas and bungee cords.

Bay Area Paralympian Bethany Zummo has taken up sewing face masks since she is unable to train for volleyball. She's sewn more than 200 masks so far.

Twitter user @ethanschoonover tweeted he was raiding his model rocket supplies because he’s out of elastic.

Wearing a protective cover or face mask will be more common in public spaces nationwide.

In Los Angeles, residents must wear a face mask or other item, such as a handkerchief, to cover the mouth and nose. Mayor Eric Garcetti issued the mandate to begin this Friday.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy issued a new directive requiring grocery store employees and customers alike to wear masks in all grocery stores in New Jersey effective 8 p.m. Friday.

A Bay Area Paralympian, unable to train because of the coronavirus pandemic, has taken up a new challenge: making face masks

As masks and face coverings are becoming more common and mandated in some places, people are making them at home to meet the demand. Twitter user @p31mission used a purple bra to create her latest DIY mask.

@samkdunaway tweeted: “No need to rush out and try to find or order masks!” Here’s more examples of DIY face masks as shared on social media.

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