Bar Responds to Critics of Its “Date Grape Kool-Aid” Daiquiri

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A bar in Spokane, Wash., on Tuesday slammed a news report that said rape victims boycotted the establishment over the name of a drink called the "Date Grape Kool-Aid."

The Daiquiri Factory took to Facebook to fire back at what they called a "BS" report about the drink.

"They felt that running a slanderous story by a source that they did not fact check on.. which started this media firestorm, to cover up that mistake.. continued to report on the story yesterday on all newscasts.. to get all sides of the story..." the Facebook post said.

The Facebook post named KXLY 4 News as the main offender, but news sites around the web reported on the same story. The Daiquiri Factory introduced the drink to promote the launch of the bar's new location in downtown Spokane. Despite protests and calls for an apology, the bar announced on Facebook that they sold 10 gallons of "Date Grape" last weekend.

The bar's latest Facebook post says that the inspiration for the name comes from an Urban Dictionary term that means "hooking up" after getting drunk on wine with a loved one.

"For The Protestors, you simply had it all wrong," the post said before providing a link to the Urban Dictionary definition.

Critics launched their own Facebook page called "Boycott Spokane Downtown Daiquiri Factory" to function as a "wake up call to the owners of this business and drop the name of their offensively named 'Date Grape Koolaid.'"

Kraft Foods, who owns the Kool-Aid brand, also spoke out against the name of the drink.

“Kool-Aid does not support or condone this drink, and finds its name to be highly insensitive to a serious issue," Kraft spokesperson Caroline Krajewski said in a statement on The Spokesman-Review. " This blatant misuse of the Kool-Aid trademark is offensive to so many, including us.”

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