Family Says Girl, 10, Roughed Up By School's Security Guard

“We heard Kayla screaming, we heard her tussling with the man"

The aunt of a Chicago girl is demanding answers after she says a school security guard restrained the 10-year-old and caused several injuries.

Treshawnda Junius is the legal guardian of Kayla, who attended Beacon Therapeutic School, which specializes in students with attention and emotional difficulties. Kayla has ADHD and is bipolar, Junius said.

Junius said when she arrived at the school she saw a security guard restraining Kayla.

“He threw her up against the blackboard and threw her against the carpet,” Treshawnda Junius said. “If I would have sent her to school looking like this I’d be in jail right now.”

Kayla had multiple bumps, cuts and bruises on her back and face.

“We heard Kayla screaming, we heard her tussling with the man, we heard him telling her to stop or it’ll get worse,” Junius said.

The school, Junius said, told her that Kayla had hurt herself and declined to comment to NBC 5.

Junius said she filed and a police report and is waiting for Kayla to be assigned to a new school.

“She won’t be back, because now at this point, I can’t trust you to take care of my child,” said Junius.

The Department of Children and Family Services confirmed to NBC 5 that it is investigating the incident.

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