Ben Foster Smuggling “Contraband” With Mark Wahlberg

Ben Foster has recovered nicely from that unfortunate role in the equally unfortunate "X-Men: Last Stand."

Foster will be starring alongside Mark Wahlberg and Kate Beckinsale in a remake of "Reykjavik-Rotterdam,"widely considered by most to be the greatest smuggling film ever to come out of Iceland, reported Deadline.

The film tells the story of an ex-smuggler, Wahlberg, who tries to go straight, taking a job as a night watchman, but gets pulled back in for one more job when his wife's brother has a deal go pear-shaped. Foster plays Wahlberg's best friend who lends a hand, Beckinsale his wife.

A look at the profanity-laden trailer for the original film suggests as many cliches as the above synopsis:

Hiring a former smuggler to work as a guard on a working waterfront is akin to hiring a drunk to tend bar, but whatever...

Foster can next be seen opposite Jason Statham in a remake of "The Mechanic," and is currently shooting "Rampart" with his "Messenger co-star and director, Woody Harrelson and Owen Moverman.

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