“A Star Is Born” Will Have to Wait Until Beyonce's Baby Is Born

In a night of a million surprises--well, maybe six--the biggest had to be the revelation that Beyonce is pregnant. We're all very happy for Mrs. Z, but even little miracles have their repercussions.

Clint Eastwood was hoping to begin shooting in February his remake of "A Star Is Born" with Beyonce--and possibly Leonardo DiCaprio--but with the singer looking to be about four months pregnant, that just ain't gonna work, reported Deadline.

The silver lining is that Clint hasn't yet settled on a leading man, his efforts to woo Leonardo DiCaprio having failed. Most recently, it was Christian Bale whose name was rumored to be in the hunt, but frankly, we don't approve.

However this plays out, we're thrilled for the happy couple, are loving the BeyJayFetus twitter feed and can't wait for the kid's first album to drop sometime around 2024.

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