Bob Barker: Drew Carey Not “Exciting” on “Price is Right”

TV legend slams successor, pokes fun at Adam Sandler

The price is still right – it’s the host who's got it all wrong.

Bob Barker, the retired 35-year host of “The Price is Right” and animal activist, revealed he’s not much of a fan his replacement, funnyman Drew Carey.

“He does the show differently than I did,” Barker, 86, told a TMZ cameraman. “I tried to make the show really exciting and uh, he doesn’t do that. He plays the games.”

In June 2007, Barker capped a 50-year career in showbiz -- including 6,586 episodes on the CBS game show -- by relinquishing his long, slender mike to Carey.

At least, Carey may draw support from another comic in this burgeoning feud.

Barker told TMZ he’s often asked if he could beat up comedian Adam Sandler in real life, as he did in the 1996 flick “Happy Gilmore.”

“And my answer is,” Barker said, “Adam Sandler couldn’t even whoop Regis Philbin.”

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