Apple, Android Users Like Default Browsers

A new study says that both Android and iOS users rely heavily on default browsers rather than the alternatives.

Android users, 91 percent of them, use the device's default browser, while 85 percent of iOS users use its default browser, according to Marketing Land. The new analysis from Chitika is based on a week's traffic from the company's ad network between Aug. 28 through Sept. 4. From the report:

Android browser distribution:

  •  Default Android browser: 91 percent
  •  Opera: 5.83 percent
  •  Chrome: 2.34 percent
  •  Firefox: 0.56 percent
iOS browser distribution:
  •  Safari: 85.03 percent
  •  Google Chrome: 3.07 percent
  •  Other (e.g., Dolphin, Atomic, Mercury): 11.9 percent 
The analysis didn't offer any reasons as to why iOS users were more likely to use alternative browsers or why more Android users like to use the default browser. It's easy to see why Android users like the default -- Android's default browser is essentially Google Search. But with an 85 percent use rate on iOS, Safari also seems to be an adequate browser.
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