Brad Pitt Keeps Making Michael Lewis Richer and Richer

The race to turn all of Michael Lewis' books into films continues, with Brad Pitt doing as much as anybody to make it happen.

Pitt's Plan B productions is going full steam ahead on an adaptation of Lewis' latest, "The Big Short," about the events that led up to the current financial fiasco. They're set offer Charles Randolph ("The Interpreter," "The Life of David Gale") $750G to write a script, reported New York mag's Vulture.

After a laughable number of script issues, Pitt will begin filming "Moneyball," another Lewis adaptation, this summer. In it, he'll portray Oakland A's general manager Billy Beane, with Jonah Hill co-starring as his assistant Paul Podesta, and Bennett Miller directing a script from Aaron Sorkin.

All the attention Lewis getting is thanks largely to the success of the first adaptation of one of his books, "The Blind Side." Word of adaptations of "Liar's Poker" or "The New New Thing" are sure to be right around the corner.

We're fans of Lewis (and his wife, former MTV reporter Tabitha Soren) from way back, and are thrilled for his success and riches. But we've wondered in the past how stoked America is gonna be to watch a movie about the economics of baseball.

But you can be sure a movie about a national financial collapse is sure to be a real crowd pleaser.

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