Britney Spears Beats Out Larry Page for Google+ Top Spot

Britney Spears has become more relevant than Google co-founder and chief executive Larry Page -- at least on Google+.

At some point in the last few weeks, Spears has garnered a little more than 140 more followers than Page for a grand total of 739,776. Page now has 739,623 followers.

If you think about it, Spears is a well-known celebrity and Page is a semi-well-known billionaire who invented Google -- so perhaps they're just about equal in the social network realm. Either way, 740,000 isn't a lot of followers especially if you compare it to Facebook's numbers, where Lady Gaga has 45 million followers. However, if you look at percentage: Lady Gaga has only about 5 percent of Facebook's 800 million users, and Spears has about 2 percent of its 40 million users. Those numbers aren't so different after all.

Don't like the results? Feel free to follow one of them and change the numbers.

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