Britney Spears Countsdown 2009's Most Outlandish Britney Stories

Britney Spears is setting the record straight with a new addition to her Web site that separates fact from fiction.

The pop star has launched a "Bulls#!t Alerts" page that will "give [fans] the inside-scoop- straight from Britney and her team on what's true and what's bull."

For her inaugural post, the pop star runs down the top 75 stories written about her in 2009, which she has deemed bull.

According to her Web site, more than 13,000 stories were written about the pop star this year and they've compiled an impressive list – complete with screen shots – of the ones that were "factually inaccurate… patently absurd" and "simply offensive to the sensibilities."

The list of bunk Brit stories include reports of fans leaving her show, allegations of drugging, topless photos – and even appearance of Courtney Love.

The top 10 BS Britney stories according to the pop star's Web site:

1. Britney dates Indian Choreographer Sandip Soparrkar
2. Ex Manager Says Britney's Not Ready
3. Fans storm out of Britney's Australian show due to lip-synching
4. Courtney Love Rants on Facebook that Britney Spears' Dad Molested Her
5. Britney thinks her dad is drugging her
6. BritneySpears holed up in Perth hotel after concert shame
7. Britney Spears dating music producer Dallas Austin
8. Britney's comeback tour faces low ticket sales
9. Beau says no to Britney's proposal
10. Topless 'Gimme More' Photos

Though many of our online competitors were called out on Brit's BS list, is proud to report that none of our stories were featured. Read the entire list, HERE!

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