Buzz Lightyear Is Ready For His Close-Up in “Toy Story 4”

You can't blame us and the world for wanting yet another "Toy Story" after "Toy Story 3" became an instant classic.

So there's plenty of excitement over the news that Tim Allen, who voices the macho space stud, is signed on to reprise Buzz Lightyear in "Toy Story 4," according to

This does not mean that Pixar and Disney are ready to push the button for a new sequel, but it does mean that the companies are at least open and prepared for the idea. Tom Hanks, who voices Woody, bullishly said "bring it on" when asked about a new movie. Let's do it people!

A Disney spokesperson told the website: “At this time, we have nothing to announce regarding another full-length feature.”

While it's hard to ignore the monster box office -- $560 million and counting worldwide -- there are other factors. Director Lee Unkrich expressed a feeling of wanting to close the chapter to PopcornBiz at the film's press day.  "I wanted to end this," he said. "In my mind this film is the conclusion of Woody and Buzz and the rest of the toys with their relationship with Andy. I feel like we've ended it nicely."

But he admitted he has never been for any sequel of the gold-standard franchise until he'd seen a quality script with a solid story. And each time Pixar has managed to find something fresh and fantastic. So even he slightly changed his tune later in the discussion.

"Whether there's another 'Toy Story,'" he added. "I have no idea."

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