CAKE Expo: Del Mar Delights

The just-before-Halloween treat to-do will cover all things baking.

TRANSPORTING TREATS... is something that must be done on occasion. That is, of course, if we want to enjoy those bakery-made cronuts in our own home, or if we want to arrive at the picnic with a passel of cream-filled croissants. Getting a box of goodies from Point A to Point B is, in short, a must-do of modern life, but few transportable goodies are fussed over like a cake. For while we might stick a bag of cookies in our backpack for a train ride, or throw some bear claws in a box in the backseat, we often enlist a friend to help us carry a cake (and if that cake is a wedding cake, then a whole caboodle of companions will be tasked to participate). Why is this so? Is it because a cake is a larger dessert, and one that is more intricately frosted? Is it because a cake takes a little more effort, on the whole? Or is it because, simply put, cake dominates the dessert category? It shall definitely dominate Del Mar over the weekend ahead of Halloween, when the CAKE Expo spreads on the icing for two days of demos, tastings, and more.

OCT. 29 AND 30, 2016... are the cake-forward dates, which is ideal, since Mondo Baking Season (tm) officially kicks off on the day after Halloween. Look for several shopping opportunities (think decorating tools, pans, and such) and look for before-your-eyes instruction on all of the piping and spreading techniques. Will there be "hands-on work stations," where you may give your skills a go? There will be. If you're the kind of friend who gathers friends to help you pick up a bakery cake, then ponder spending a few hours with that most precious of sweets, in all of its you-can-make-it forms. Who knows if you'll leave with a superstar spatula you found or a dozen new skills? Cake is magical, as everyone who has ever wielded a fork near recently frosted layer knows.

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