Quick-Thinking State Senator Saves Driver From Falling Tree Limb

When California Sen. Andy Vidak heard a tree branch giving way, he jumped into action in the state capital

A California state senator is being credited with helping to prevent injuries when a massive tree limb fell across a Sacramento street.

Republican Sen. Andy Vidak of Hanford tells NBC affiliate KCRA-TV he was walking by a large sycamore tree about 1 ½ miles east of the state Capitol when he heard it crack. He says he knew the branch was coming down and started directing traffic away from it.

Driver Tracy Courtney says she saw Vidak standing in the street waving his arms, so she slowed down. She says she heard a massive crack before her car got dark and she saw leaves and branches outside her windshield. The limb crushed the front portion of her car.

Vidak says God put him in position to hear the tree and intervene.

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