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Called Out by Meteorologists, Trump Clings to Dorian Alabama Claim

Under fire from prominent meteorologists for giving out incorrect information on the path of Hurricane Dorian, President Donald Trump on Thursday doubled down on his assertion that the storm was at one point headed for Alabama, NBC News reported. He tweeted that coverage of his claim — including the moment when he showed a week-old map that had been doctored with a Sharpie — was meant to "demean" him." 

Bill Karins, a meteorologist for NBC News, said on MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show” Wednesday night that "at this point should we apologize to everyone the National Hurricane Center, all the emergency managers, and everyone that evacuated in South Carolina and North Carolina that may be watching right now trying to get some facts and information?” 

Ryan Maue, a meteorologist, told The Associated Press that Trump must strive for accuracy "if he wants to provide helpful information to the public facing a potential emergency." 

The doctored map that Trump displayed in the Oval Office Wednesday showing Alabama to be within Dorian's path has sparked an array of memes under the hashtag #sharpiegate on Twitter.

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