Celebrate The End of October With Lobstoberfest

October is over.  As we move into November and ever closer to winter, we must remember how important it is to reflect on fall, the fairest of seasons.  

But how, you ask, should we remember?  Well, you could start by looking at pictures of Lobstoberfest, the foodie event that combined two of life's greatest pleasures, lobster and Oktoberfest, into one fantastic event.  
Hosted this past Saturday at Hudson Commons, a modern day beer hall with traditional Oktoberfest elements, and Private Park, Hudson's outdoor venue, the event served hungry patrons five deliciously different takes on the shellfish. I sampled, in no particular order…
The Salted Caramel Lobster Roll, a sweet take on the sandwich topped with crunchy bits of caramelized popcorn.  
The White Truffle Lobster Roll, a more savory and rich sampling of the sandwich.
The Grilled Tails, served with a side of butter and fingerling potatoes. 
The Cracked Claw.  This was the most labor intensive of the dishes on display, but it was worth it to get every piece of that precious lobster meat.
Finally, I finished with the Uncommon Lobster Gumbo.  Surprisingly I found this to be the most satisfying of all the offerings.  Hearty, spicy, and served with a side of cornbread, this was lobster done as I'd never seen before, and hope to taste again.
All these variations were served with a stein of NY Oktoberfest beer and a side of seasonal polka songs provided by the Dale Stroever Oktoberfest Band.  
(Photography by: M. Alexander Weber )
Overall, the event was a tremendous success.  The air was just cool enough to herald the coming of winter, while the indoor spaces were warm and inviting.  The combination of lobster, beer, and Oktoberfest tunes made for an afternoon to remember.  Keep your eyes out for the next event hosted by Hudson Common, because if Lobstoberfest was any indication, it won't be one to miss!
  (Photography by: M. Alexander Weber)
 (Photography by: M. Alexander Weber)
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