Check-In on G+ Uses Point System

The boosting of Google+ coming out of Mountain View continues this week with a new feature that pairs with an older one: Latitude Leaderboards.

The check-in service, Latitude, seemed aimed at delivering hyperlocal shopping deals, with users dropping into retail shops, checking in, and seeing what, if any, discounts could be had.

Sort of like Foursquare.

Now Google has added Leaderboards, so Google+ members can see a dynamically generated list of who is checking in, where and for how many points. It's a competitive thing.

Sort of like Foursquare.

There is one differentiator in Latitude that is still there, and that's tiered status levels for users. Savvy, frequent users can unlock better deals.

The Leaderboard was launched in a release of Google Maps for Android upgrades, including improved battery life. Leaderboard was released with so little limelight, an official launch may be upcoming.

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