Man Accused of Robbing Person With Cerebral Palsy in Wheelchair

demetrius thomas
Cook County Sheriff's Office

A Chicago man with a history of jerk crimes is accused of robbing a man with cerebral palsy in a wheelchair at Chicago Union Station last week, officials said.

Demetrius Thomas, 48, confessed to holding an elevator door shut while another man took a cellphone out of a purse wrapped around the waist of a man in a wheelchair, according to police reports.

Thomas was recognized in surveillance footage of the incident, which took place Aug. 21 at Chicago Union Station, by an Amtrak Police officer, officials said.

Thomas was arrested Aug. 22 while he was picking up his belongings after he was arrested a day earlier for a separate incident.

He was charged with felony robbery of a handicapped victim and held in lieu of $300,000 bond Saturday, according to the Cook County Sheriff’s office.

Thomas admitted to holding the door shut while his friend stole a cellphone, valued at $300, from the man, who was paraplegic and suffered from cerebral palsy.

Thomas told police he knew the man was being robbed and "felt bad for the poor guy," according to a report.

The offender also attempted to steal cash from the victim’s purse but the victim slapped his hand away.

Both men fled the scene, but it was not clear if the other offender has been arrested.

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