NJ Gov. Chris Christie Heads Home to Ponder Next Step in Presidential Campaign

Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is heading home to New Jersey Wednesday morning to "take a deep breath" and make a decision on his next step forward.

Christie, who finished back in the pack in New Hampshire, said Tuesday he would wait until the final votes were counted before deciding whether he would continue his presidential run.

"We leave New Hampshire without an ounce of regret," he said.

Christie, 53, a former prosecutor, was not able to emerge from a crowded field of candidates.

He congratulated Trump for his victory in New Hampshire, and said he had won elections he was supposed to lose and had lost elections he was supposed to win: "It's both the magic and mystery of politics."

Christie was elected in 2009 as New Jersey governor and easily won a second term.

"We can actually get a change of clothes," he joked, referring to a rumor last week about candidate Ben Carson's future that nearly scuppered the neurosurgeon's campaign.

Carson's campaign had told reporters during the Iowa caucuses that he would be heading home to get a change of clothes, which many took to mean he was dropping out, and may have affected the caucus vote.

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