Chris Rock Writing Script for Himself and Melissa McCarthy

Chris Rock is maybe the best stand-up comedian of his generation, but his film career has been less than stellar. Maybe Melissa McCarthy is just the shot in the arm the man needs.

"I'm trying to romance her," Rock told the LA Times last month while at Sudance. He wants the  "Bridesmaids" star to play opposite him as the other half of a hyper dysfunctional "Jerry Springer couple," in a new film he's currently writing.

In addition to her Emmy winning role on "Mike & Molly," McCarthy has two more sitcoms in development, and at least two other films in the works, so Rock's gonna have to hit his spot timing-wise. But if he does, these two could do some serious damage as a Springer-esque duo.

Rock was in Sudance supporting his new film "2 Days in New York," writer-director-co-star Julie Delpy's sequel to her indie hit "2 Days in Paris." This new film finds the pair playing an otherwise happy couple who find their home occupied for the weekend by uninvited family members.

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