Jumpin’ for Joy: Cinepolis Chain Brings Jungle Gyms to Theaters

The Mexico-based theater chain announced Tuesday that it will be bringing the in-theater playground concept, Cinepolis Junior, to two locations in Southern California.

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Ernesto López Ruiz-Cinepolis
Ernesto López Ruiz
The space is designed for 3 to 12-year-old children. •Adults watching a movie in the Cinepolis Junior auditoriums must be accompanied by a child 12 and under.
Ernesto López Ruiz-Cinepolis
There will be “wobble hoppers,” similar to stationary pogo sticks, and “stand n’spin” miniature merry-go-rounds.
Jose Miguel Gabardino-Cinepolis
Parents will have the option of purchasing kid-favorite snacks introduced to the kitchen and expanded concession stand, including popcorn flavors like Cheetos, Chili, Caramel and Zebra.
Ernesto López Ruiz-Cinepolis
Families account for a significant amount of movie-goers, so Cinepolis thinks they will attract them even more with this concept.
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