Coachella in Beverly Hills

SLS offers a road meal and an unwind spa package upon return.

SLS Hotel

MUSIC MILEAGE: Have a guesstimate as to how far the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills is from the Empire Polo Grounds in Indio? If you've ever driven to the Coachella, which goes down at the club, you probably will say, "oh, two, three hours, depending if you're leaving on a Friday afternoon." (Good guesstimate, if that's indeed what you said: It's should be about two hours and thirty minutes, if all goes smoothly. Thank you, Google Maps.) What we're getting at is Beverly Hills has not mysteriously relocated to the desert, nor has the SLS. But the swank hotel is catering to people headed out to the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, and they want them to unwind upon their return to town. You know, late nights, odd food, having to take in your neighbor's band, and meeting a zillion new people can tucker you right out.

THE DEALS: The before-you-go SLS offer? A to-go meal that includes ham and cheese, veggie dip, and other goodies. Cost starts at $28 and you'll need to reserve ahead of time. And the after-the-festival-wraps part? An April Escape package that includes two Ciel Spa massages. (You'll want to talk to SLS about rates and details.) Yep, Coachella'll is a big'un when hotels in LA proper get in on the merry madness. And, we're just saying, if you do end up sitting on the 10 for a really, really long time on your way back into town, maybe that massage would be just the ticket.

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