Here's Your First Peek at David Tenant in “Fright Night” Co-Starring Farrell & Yelchin

We're still trying to figure how it is that a remake of "Fright Night" became such a hot property, but it's got a great cast and a talented director, so they've got our attention.

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David Tenant stars in Fright Night, taking over a role made famous by Roddy McDowall, who "created quite the masterful character and I suppose my Peter Vincent kind of fills the same hole in the film, but everything about him is fairly radically different," according to the British actor.
Colin Farrell stars as Jerry Dandrige in the new Fright Night remake from director Craig Gillespie, best known for Lars and the Real Cars.
Anton Yelchin is Charley Brewster, Dandrgie's teenage neighbor who comes to suspect the man is a vampire.
Imogen Poots (28 Weeks Later) is Amy Peterson--smart money says she's Yelchin's imperiled love interest.
Christopher Mintz-Plasse (McLovin in Superbad) is Evil Ed, Charley's best friend, who judging from the look of things, may have spent a little too much time with Jerry.
Oh, who are we kidding--yes, Charley and Amy are an item.
Whether their love will survive Charley's showdown with Jerry is another question. "Fright Night
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