Police to Use Nunchucks to Offset ‘Aggressive’ Image

Police officers in Anderson, California, will use the weapon to subdue suspects unwilling to cooperate with police.

Police in the northern California town of Anderson are being equipped with nunchucks to "more compassionately" gain compliance from suspects.

"In an era where the general public is extremely sensitive to police techniques and use of force issues, [nunchucks offer] another force option that may offset some of the more aggressive perceptions the public has about police intervention," Anderson Police Chief Michael Johnson told NBC News.

Nunchucks, or nunchaku as they are also known, are two bars tied by a metal chain. The weapon is well-known because of their use by the late world-renowned martial artist Bruce Lee. 

The version used by police are designed to be wrapped around wrists and ankles during arrests, NBC News reported. 

Anderson is about 150 miles north of Sacramento.

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