Corey Feldman Apologizes for Dropped American Flag During ‘Today’ Performance

'In that live moment, it came off as wrong and for that I’m deeply sorry,' Feldman said.

Nathan Congleton/TODAY

Less than a day after his redemption performance on "Today," Corey Feldman found himself apologizing Thursday.

He didn’t drop the ball, but he did drop an American flag.

It happened Wednesday while performing "Take a Stand," a song Feldman introduced as an homage to the country to promote messages of peace and love. Feldman dropped the miniature flag he was holding, which anchor Tamron Hall picked up off the ground.

On Thursday, Feldman released a statement to People Magazine, saying "We were excited and grateful to be asked to return to the 'Today' show, but there wasn’t much time to prepare. We scrambled to find an American flag to use as a patriotic symbol at the last minute and with no rehearsal.”

"In that live moment, it came off as wrong and for that I’m deeply sorry," Feldman said. "It was the exact opposite of my intention.”

Despite the social media users who took to Twitter to share their outrage, Feldman’s Twitter page is filled with positive feedback from fans who watched the redemption performance and loved it.

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