Could “Carmageddon” Thwart Harry Potter?

For those living anywhere that isn't Los Angeles, let us explain: This weekend, the 405 Freeway, a major artery linking the Valley with West L.A., is going to be shut down for three days (starting Friday evening and ending Sunday). It is already being referred to as "Carmageddon" in anticipation of a city wide traffic shutdown.

Of course, L.A. being L.A., the big question is: How will this affect the opening weekend of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2"? 

L.A.'s mayor Anthony Villaraigosa has basically advised residents to just stay home this weekend, and while that thought is extremus ridiculum to hardcore fans, will it keep the casual movie-goer away? 

Harry Medved, head of publicity for online ticket retailer Fandango, told The Wrap he doesn't think traffic will keep anyone away.

“The true Harry Potter fans are going to see the film either Thursday at midnight or Friday day or night, just as soon as the film opens,” says Medved. “The people going on Saturday are curious to check it out, but they are not die-hard fans or they may be fans going for repeat viewings.”

Also, there are roughly...hold on a second....20 hundred billion movie theaters in Los Angeles. Unless you really, really, REALLY need to see "Deathly Hallows" at the Bridge De Lux IMAX theater specifically, we're pretty sure there are options.

If not, you can always try and convince Warner Bros. to set up some seats on a giant screen just off the Santa Monica Blvd. exit and host the biggest outdoor screening of all time.

Why not say good-bye to your decade-plus cash cow in style? 

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