Boyhood Friend Shoots Teen 10 Times Over $60 PlayStation 3: Police

"He stood over top of his longtime friend and fired nine more times, shooting him in his head and killing him."

That's how Philadelphia Police Homicide Cpt. James Clark described Daquan Crump's "vicious" shooting death, all over a video game console.

The day before a teenager is laid to rest, his childhood friend was charged with shooting him multiple times in the head. Police say he was angry because he wasn't included in the sale of a stolen PlayStation.

Police arrested Malik Anderson, 18, around 5 this morning in his home on Tomlinson Road and charged Anderson with killing Crump.

A construction worker found Crump's body around 7:15 a.m. on Aug. 19 at the former site of Black Red White Furniture along the 10000 block of Northeast Avenue in the Somerton section of Northeast Philadelphia. Clark said the killing happened about two hours earlier.

According to Clark, Anderson and Crump grew up together and were together with three or four other friends the night before the killing hanging out at each other's houses, playing video games, going to 7-Eleven and watching television.

Clark said that Anderson, angry over being left out of the $60 PS3 sale, lured Crump to the demolition site and shot Crump in the back of the head causing him to fall to the ground. Clark said Anderson then shot Crump nine more times in the head as Crump laid on the ground.

"Be very careful how you choose your friends," warned Clark.

Investigators believe Anderson acted alone in the murder. The killing stemmed from a disagreement over a scheme to sell a stolen PlayStation 3 game console.

"Daquan and Malik, who were childhood friends, had conspired to steal another childhood friend's PlayStation console game," Clark said Wednesday afternoon. "Allegedly Daquan carried out this plan alone without Malik."

Crump allegedly cut Anderson out of the sale when he sold the unit on the street for $60.

Malik Anderson, 19, is accused of shooting and killing his childhood friend Daquan Crump over a disagreement about a stolen PS3.

"In their mind, this is worth a human life," Clark said. "Because I didn't get a cut of a $60 profit from a used PlayStation game I'm gonna stand over top and shoot a kid that I've been friends with since I was 10, 11 years old. It's really unconscionable and it's just very, very sad and very tragic."

Investigators found Anderson's .22 caliber automatic handgun inside the teen's refrigerator. Clark said it wasn't clear where Anderson got the pistol.

Earlier, Clark said "it was very personal and very vicious" attack. 

Crump's death rocked his Northeast Philadelphia community.

"He doesn't deserve whatever happened to him," said Crump's mother Sherron Kaba.

The construction site where Crump was found is located across the street from the fields behind George Washington High School not far from Red Lion Road and the Roosevelt Boulevard (Route 1).

Police say Crump both lived and worked in the neighborhood and that he never had any trouble with the law. Crump was a GW High grad who began working at a neighbor Wendy's a couple weeks before his death, according to his family. Clark said he got that job in part due to pressure from his family being upset that he wasn't doing much.

Crump's backpack, which he always carried, was near his body. Inside was his Wendy's uniform. The fast-food restaurant was the last place he was seen when he left work around 11 p.m. the Saturday before the shooting.

Crump's family plans to bury the teen Thursday morning after a viewing and service at Bethel Deliverance International Church in Wyncote, Pa.

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