David Duchovny Needs a Lawyer for “Californication”

As David Duchovny gets ready to start shooting Showtime's "Calfornication" on April 19, he is going to need a lawyer pronto.

That's because Duchovny's last screen moments as Hank Moody last season featured him getting arrested.

"We left Hank last year going to jail," he said at the press day for his new film "The Joneses."

The lawyer, who will naturally be a female and no doubt beautiful, is one part the show's creators are currently casting for. Also needed is a fictional female celebrity. It will be hard to top last season's guest stars who included rocker Rick Springfield in a truly inspired arc.

Duchovny promises the show will stay a comedy not a drama. "Last year was a descent, we went about as far down as we could in terms of keeping it a comedic show," he said. "I think this year is going to be about rising up and using this as the low point."

Even though Duchovny has moved to New York with his family, the Showtime shoot is always "a pleasure."

"It's almost like a vacation," he said. "I really like doing it. It will be canceled before I get tired of it."

He added there are no plans to move the show to New York, even though he's the central character. "It is called 'Californication,' " said Duchovny. "It's not like the Brady Bunch going to Hawaii. You pretty much have to stay put."

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