Del Mar Racing Display Goes Horribly Wrong

Grocery store "mishap" draws ire of Chargers Fans

What started as a creative way to promote the return of horse racing to Del Mar turned in to a big headache for a local grocery store.

Vons on Del Mar Heights Road in Del Mar tried to set up a display of Coca-Cola products in the shape of a horse with a jockey on it. But, if you look at the photograph, it turned out to be more like the Denver Broncos logo.

A lot more like the Denver Broncos logo. So much so that Chargers fans got more than a little bit peeved and started calling the store to complain. Some even threatened a boycott. Look at the store display next to the Denver logo. You can see what made Bolts supporters so upset.

Once store management realized the error (thanks to the severe backlash from the Chargers faithful) they immediately worked to remove the display. A spokesperson for Vons told NBC 7 SportsWrap that they would like to apologize to Chargers fans for the mishap.

Typically, setups like this one that utilize different colored cases of soda to form a sign or display are done by following a pre-arranged template. That's likely what happened here as the Broncos logo is one of the more common equine symbols going today.

Del Mar opening day is set for Thursday, July 16. Chargers Training Camp opens on Thursday, July 30.

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