‘You're So Inspiring': Devon Still Delivers Moving ESPY Speech About Daughter's Cancer Fight

Leah Strong! Leah Strong! Leah Strong!

At Wednesday's 2015 ESPY Awards in Los Angeles, the audience wasn't cheering for a superstar team who just won a big trophy. Instead, everyone was left inspired and touched by one famous father-daughter duo.

In a pre-taped video, viewers got an inside look at the struggles Devon Still has been experiencing as his daughter Leah Still battles cancer. But through all the ups and downs that comes with the tough disease, the duo has kept smiling and has remained #LeahStrong.

As a result, it was more than appropriate for LeBron James to give Devon the Jimmy V. Perseverance Award for all he done to support childhood cancer.

Shortly after taking the stage, the Cincinnati Bengals player traveled back to the day when he first heard about his daughter's diagnosis. As anyone can imagine, it was more than difficult.

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"I would go down to the chapel and just cry," Devon disclosed to the audience. "I would ask God why did he give my daughter this fight? I would beg him to give me the fight with death rather than my daughter."

While some days were harder than others, both Devon and Leah agreed that they would never give up. Ultimately, that positive attitude would bring Leah back home as she's in remission.

"We decided not to give up," Devon shared. "Every day, I preached to my daughter that you couldn't give up and not let this battle get the best of her."

He continued, "For every child that's battling cancer out there: On TV, it looks like I'm the hero saving the day. But really...you're so inspiring and you helped me through my battle."

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Before stepping off the stage, Devon had one final message for his beautiful daughter. It was a simple thank you for all the priceless lessons she has provided him.

"I just want to thank you," he shared as his fiancee cried in the audience. "In the five years I've been with you, you've taught me more about life than I could ever do and I love you and I'm just proud of you."

But wait, there was one more surprise. Leah had a special message for her father and the audience at home. In a pre-taped video, the five-year-old appeared on the big screen wearing an orange T-shirt as bright as her personality. Her message was short but oh-so-sweet.

"Sorry I couldn't be there everybody but thank you for supporting me while I battle cancer," she shared. "Hey daddy."

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