Dia Frampton Has “The Voice” and She's Not Afraid to Belt Out Some Gaga

Musician Dia Frampton had a successful run on the last season of “The Voice,“ as the runner-up on the hit NBC show. Now, she’s on tour with Blake Shelton and talks to us about a day in the life of Dia. Plus, don't miss the season premiere of The Voice this Sunday right after the Super Bowl on NBC.

We were all introduced to your amazing talent on The Voice, but how have you evolved as a musician since the first day you auditioned for the show?
I think I have kind of been... forced (for lack of better word) to step up and grow as a musician and artist.  Sometimes in life we need that big push. During The Voice, I was pretty anxious and stressed out, but I think you need pressure to help you grow.  It's either sink or swim, and during The Voice, especially after the "Heartless" performance, I thought, "Well... here we go!"
Describe the last year of your life in one word.
You recently released your album Red—tell us a little about it.  
It was released last December. All the songs on that record, I am really proud of. Right after The Voice finished, I immediately started writing songs. I think "Trapeze," lyrically, means the most to me.  When I was writing that song, those lyrics just seemed to pour out of me. "Hearts Out to Dry," which is only on the iTunes version of Red, is really special to me 'cause my sister Meg and I wrote it together.  “The Broken Ones,” my first single, is a favorite of mine, too.   wrote that song out in Nashville. It's about accepting people as they are. What others might see as a flaw or a fault, someone who loves you might find it charming or beautiful. That's real love to me. 
How is touring with Blake Shelton? Any funny stories from the road? 
Blake is awesome and the tour has been great. The amazing thing about Blake is....  he is who he is.  He doesn't act any different, cameras or no cameras. What you see is what you get, and I really respect that about him. So, I wouldn't really be able to tell you any behind the scenes juice on him.  He never changes who he is for anyone or anything. What you see on The Voice is what I see on tour. As far as any funny stories on the road goes.... every day is hilarious with him. He's a goofball. I think everybody knows that. He makes fun of my one-piece tour pajamas a lot. But hey, my mom got 'em for me! I have to wear them!
Do you and your band have any concert rituals? 
We do a special chant right before we go on stage. Ha. It changes a little bit every show though… It's a secret.
When you’re just jamming and playing for fun, what are your go-to songs? 
I love The Avett Brothers, Tom Petty, Ryan Adams, Mumford and Sons, Tori Amos, Lady Gaga.... man, I could go on forever.
What would be the ultimate song on the soundtrack of your life? 
I think the song "Daniel" off of Red really was the soundtrack of my life, relationship wise, for a while.  I think "The Waiting" by Tom Petty sums up a lot right now. Also, the lyrics of Dawes really hit home with me quite often. 
What is the most important piece of advice you can give to the new contestants on The Voice?
Go day by day… day... by.... day. Don't get ahead of yourself. Focus in on each moment.
What are you doing for the Super Bowl?
Watching Blake and Miranda perform on TV! I read somewhere that they're singing "America the Beautiful" together! Can't wait to watch that! I bet their voices sound beautiful together and I'm a huge Miranda Lambert fan! 

Favorite late-night bites? 
I try not to eat after 8. Ha. So... favorite night bites?  I would have to say coconut ice cream, hummus and pita chips, or cereal! Yum!
What are you most looking forward to this year? 
Hopefully touring overseas. That's a big dream of mine. Also, just touring in general. I'm ready to work for this album and get it out there! I don't care if I have to be on the road every single day this year!
Red is available now.

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