Dine In & Dine Out Package at The Beverly Hilton

Foodie high fives: Delish discounts are on, through the end of March 2018.

Petra Rajnicova/The Beverly Hilton

WE'RE OFTEN TOLD... to mind our p's and q's, and to look left and right, and to weigh both sides of a decision, the pros and cons, before moving boldly forward. There are more specific areas of life, though, where we need to loop two different factors into our thinking before alighting upon our next move. Ask any devoted traveler if they give extra thought to A) the choice of a hotel or B) the choice of food where they're going when choosing where to ultimately book that overnight. The answer, of course, will be C) both, in many cases. For it is difficult to untangle our longing for a comfy and lovely bed-down from our wish to wake up to a filling and flavorful breakfast, after an evening of supping upon something memorable. The Beverly Hilton clearly understands the need to ponder two important pillars of a trip, simultaneously, and has created a package for people looking for a luxury, Beverly Hills-based stay and a few fun food experiences that are presented at a discount. It's the...

DINE IN & DINE OUT PACKAGE, and it is available, woohoo, through the end of March 2018. Cutting straight to the appetizing deals is our next step, so tuck in your napkin and imagine scoring 20 percent off at Circa 55, the historic hotel's swanky midcentury-stylish restaurant, as well as 20 percent off participating eateries in the area (that's the "Out" part of the package's name). Is breakfast included, each day, for you and your traveling bestie? Count on it: You need to feel fortified before a day of B.H.-based exploration and/or poolside lounging. Is a welcome amenity also part of the satisfying swirl? That it is, for sure. To find out more, dear foodies, click. This is the hotel, after all, that serves as the home to The Golden Globes, an award ceremony known for its top-notch cuisine. So choosing a hotel with a story, and a food-fun getaway with discounts, feels very much like you're wisely taking both sides under advisement. 

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