Discontinued iPod Classic Fetching Up to $1,000 on Auction Sites

Now that Apple has discontinued its iPod Classic, the device has been selling online for up to $1,000 a piece, according to reports.

A quick eBay search finds even used iPod Classics routinely going for between $150 and $200.

For most people, the question is, Why? It's a 4.9-ounce dinosaur with no capability except to listen to music, but perhaps people are nostalgic – and perhaps they also want 160GB of storage, which is far more than current iPods.

But $1,000?

Part of the reason for the demand is a result of Apple not making them anymore, but also it's a way for consumers to bypass the cloud storage model and own their songs and content outright, according to The Guardian. While Spotify can give users 120GB of storage, users also have to put up with interruptive commercials or fees.

The iPod Classic isn't the only device making a comeback. The flip phone has been seen in use among celebrities, such as Rihanna, and the Nokia 8210 has been selling well online.

While the reason for their popularity hasn't been well documented, the sound quality on those older, feature phones is typically much better than smartphones on the market today. Using a feature phone also keeps people from playing with their smartphones like zombies.

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