Disney’s “World of Color — Winter Dreams” Debuts

A chilly version of the water-sweet spectacle bows at Disney California Adventure.

Paul Hiffmeyer

H2O GOES SNOW: Anyone who has taken in "World of Color," the nightly spectacular -- or wet-tacular? -- at Disney California Adventure, has a favorite bit. Watching all of the "Glow with the Show" Mickey ears light up in unison is one popular sight, as is seeing your favorite film suddenly shimmer to life on the giant wall of water (we're looking at you, Captain Jack Sparrow, and you too, Merida of "Brave"). Us? We like spying Mickey's Fun Wheel through all of that splashy haps, and, yes, we like getting occasionally spritzed, just a little, when we stand near the front. Now fans of the wall-of-water extravaganza are in for a new treat, a treat that bowed on Friday, Nov. 15. Yep, World of Color is still around, but now it has something of a seasonal theme, with scenes and characters from the new animated film "Frozen," among other icy additions. And the new name? "World of Color -- Winter Dreams."

HOLIDAY HIGH JINKS, TOO: It won't be all brrrr all the time with the new show; there shall be holiday froofrafra as well. But maybe you heard that Disneyland Resort and the end-of-the-year celebrations are a classic pairing? Yep, you heard. Check out the video below if you want the requisite sneak peek, or just be inside California Adventure after dark if you want to watch the whole thing frozen. We mean, er, fresh (but, yes, bundle up, as even Anaheim gets nicely brisk at night come the cooler months).

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